This testimonial from Professor Sean O. Murphy (Occupy Oklahoma City, OKC) answers this question with eloquence.

Regardless of our disciplinary loyalties, educators help students make sense of the world and claim their places in it. Ideally, as each generation becomes smarter than the one that came before, the world becomes a better place.  For many educators (and ones who ascribe to the idea of critical pedagogy, in particular), the belief that we are collectively advancing this goal is the very reason that we do what we do.

Sean O. Murphy’s testimonial unmasks the sheer futility of the educational enterprise in light of the U.S.’s current economic and political policies.

If you are an educator and part of the 99%, and you recognize that our nation’s youth should represent hope for a better future (obtainable by more than 1% of them), please stand with Sean O. Murphy and me and other educators by supporting Occupy Wall Street.  

And PLEASE pass it on! Our nation’s children depend on YOU!!!

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3 Responses to Occupy Wall Street: What does education have to do with it?

  1. Sean O. Murphy says:

    I am not the individual in this picture. I am a local supporter of Occupy OKC but this photograph is one I have found and touched me the same way it is taking on a life and touching many others. I do not mind being associated with the image but it is not my story. It is a story that I can identify with and did. I believe we need to share these stories with the world. I only wanted to correct that I am not the individual pictured but merely another person who hears his testimony and sees the truth in it. Thanks!

  2. Millie says:

    The testimony is touching and accurate. We are all just one or two circumstances away from devastation at this point, regardless of age or background. An illness, a lost job can mean falling behind and never being able to catch up. Many are questioning what happened to the American dream. Our goal should indeed be to ensure each generation is smarter, more educated and has better opportunities than the previous one.

  3. Saul Shama says:

    Cynthia, I am behind you and all educators who support Occupy Wall Street. As these events occur in cities all around the world, I am appalled that we the 99% have been forced into submission by the 1% for so long. What I find even more appalling is that we the 99% have believed that what the corporations have achieved is inherently American. Most people have resigned themselves to the belief that the one who comes up with the ideas and the money deserves the largest compensation. But times are changing. The job creators and innovators do deserve compensation, but not compensation so large that it is at the expense of the workers who make these innovator’s dreams realities. The wealthiest americans owe it to the society that made their success possible to help in that society’s time of need. These banks and corporations have made it where they are because of the privileges that our government has given them. It is their time to say thank you and give back. And if they are not willing to, then maybe it is time to make things tough on the 1% like it has been forever on the 99%.

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