This was the first Daily Create I did for ds106:

I thought this was a great way to introduce ourselves to others in the ds106 community, and a nice alternative to the usual icebreakers (my most recent one was “tell the story of your name” which is getting a bit old).

My process in making this was, as always, a learning one.  I started using the video function in PhotoBooth and did what I know was a shorter version of this.  But when I went through the trouble of then exporting it to iMovie and tried to then share it with YouTube, I learned that there was no sound.  Who knows if that is a common problem in PhotoBooth or whether I did something wrong.  Didn’t have time for googling it.

So I reshot this in iMovie and it worked like a charm.  At over 6 minutes, this one is filed under the category “embarrassing videos of me” (JK).  But then I had to give my football keychain its due, didn’t I???

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