This photo was my response to the January 30 tdc:  Take a photo of two related objects of drastically different sizes.

It was late.  I looked around for inspiration, mainly for something mammoth with which I could compare something small.  Naturally, I thought of the family’s gigantic Batman (now the property of my son, inherited from dad once our child was deemed old enough to appreciate this likeness of the Dark Knight. Till then it graced Kenney’s office, which doubled as our guest room — I always pitied the guests who had to wake up to this statue staring them in the face).

And then I just had to look anywhere around the playroom to find another Batman figure.  Like his dad, Julian is quickly becoming a fan of comic book heroes (I should know….Marvel or DC) and there are comic book figurines galore littered around the house, never mind the playroom.  I like to call them “dolls” whenever I’m feeling like an outsider to their club.

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