I got up, as usual this morning, at the break of day with my son, Julian.  I realized that what with having my teaching observed twice this week before my upcoming portfolio deadline, along with the hacking of CIC-hosted ds106 blogs, that I completely forgot to get in a Daily Create this week.  The good news is all went well on both fronts, and thanks to Kim Droom the blogs are all back up or almost there.

So I checked The Daily Create site and found that since there were still 4 hours left till the 10am daily page-change, I could easily post to the Feb 3 assignment:  Take a picture of your feet that shows what kind of day you’re having.    I just picked up my phone and ….Tdc26

Saturday morning, cuddled up with Julian on the couch:  he watching cartoons; me on my computer (and getting distracted, perhaps, from time to time by the occasional Phineas and Ferb scheme — you gotta admit, sometimes they are clever.  OR perhaps my brain is truly addled from all of the early mornings these past almost-6 years).

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